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The rental in France, of an appartment or a villa in Provence, the Luberon, on the Riviera in Brittany, or other French regions can be a complicated affair...

Rentals-France offers you a choice from its portfolio of rentals in France under the terms and conditions set out by French Law.

The rental of property in France must live up to your expectations. Here at Rentals-France, to ensure satisfied clients, we insist that everything is prepared so that your rental in France goes as it should.

We advise you to take out insurance to cover your stay should you opt for an apartment or villa rental in France. Protect yourself against risks as a tenant during your rental in France by taking out insurance.

We can offer you complete insurance, which insures you are very well covered for any risk you may incur during your rental in France.

You can either contact the insurance company directly or ask our reservations team.

Important : Insurance must be subscribed at the time of the booking your villa or appartment in France.

The reservations department at Rentals-France is specialised in rentals in France and will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries concerning rentals in France.
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Terms and Conditions for Seasonal Renting

Between the undersigned named hereafter Rentals-France and "THE PARTY LEADER", it is agreed the following :


1.1 - THE OWNER, Represented by :
RENT-IN-FRANCE LTD & Registered in England : 5747475
Registered office : The Old Stables, Arundel Road, Poling, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9QA.
Commercial address : 1, Westfield Square, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 9JJ.

The person whose identity, the number of persons in the party, the date of arrival, the date of departure, the price of the booking and the eventual extra charges are provided for in the booking form.


Payment & Charges
It is imperative that the total sum of the booking, payable by the Party Leader for the booked period be paid one full month prior to the date of arrival.
Before this date, a down payment of 30%, will be required, payable at the moment of booking the holiday, this deposit will be deducted from your final bill. The amount of your booking is exclusive of supplementary charges.

Supplementary Charges
The supplementary charges include insurance, cleaning, tourism taxes and other costs resulting from special requests made by the holidaymaker such as extra cleaning, baby sitting, car hire, etc...

Duration of stay

The period of stay cannot be extended without the agreement of either the owner or of Rentals-France, the Party Leader accepting their decision. The latter declares on his honour not to practise nor seek to practise the profession of accommodation rental and that the rented accommodation is rented on the basis of a temporary residence, binding conditions without which the booking cannot be consented upon.

Price (not including the taking out of an insurance policy)
The Party Leader, having paid a down payment deductible from the price of the booking , undertakes to enter the property on the date fixed on the contract and to pay, 30 days prior to this date, the balance of the booking cost no matter unexpected circumstances: illness, accident or other unforeseen event. In the case where these conditions are not fulfilled, Rentals-France, will be within its rights to relet immediately the premises which are the object of the present contract. However, the Party Leader will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the booking.
If the premises can be relet, only the financial loss suffered by Rentals-France will remain due by the Party Leader at fault.

The obligations of the Party Leader
The Party Leader undertakes to accept the rented premises in the conditions in which he found them on entering, and as they are described on the description provided on our internet site which can be printed out . The furniture and movable objects should only suffer from the depreciation in value due to the normal usage for which they are destined. Such objects or pieces of furniture missing or broken, due to anything other than their normal usage, must be paid for or replaced by the Party Leader with the written consent of Rentals-France. This condition also applies to wallpapers, curtains as to the building as a whole.

If need be, the following will be deducted :
the value of damaged or broken objects, the price of washing or cleaning of carpets or rugs, covers, mattresses, bed linen, etc... which may have been marked.

The Party Leader is obliged to use the furniture and the objects decorating the rented premises for the purpose for which they are destined and in the places where they are to be found. It is formally forbidden that he transport them outwith the rented premises.

The Party Leader should absolutely abstain from throwing into the sinks, baths, washhand basins, other wash places etc...any object likely to obstruct the pipes, he will otherwise be held responsible for the expenses incurred for the reparation of these objects.

In no case may the Party Leader sub-let the aforementioned premises. He should lodge in the premises for his private use only and under no pretext should he store furniture there, exception made for washing and small objects.

The rented premises should under no pretext be occupied by a number of people over and above that indicated on the reservation contract, except with Rentals-France written agreement.

The Party Leader should permit the undertaking, on the premises, of any urgent work necessary for the order upkeeping of the rented premises and of elements of everyday usage (the replacement of cleaning materials, the washing machine, the micro-wave oven etc...) the Party Leader may not under any circumsatnces bring onto the rented premises, even momentarily, an animal, except with the agreement of the owner.

In the case of renting in an apartment building, the Party Leader and his party must conform, as the named occupiers of the premises, to the rules and regulations of the building. It is forbidden to hang out washing from the windows or balconys.

In the case where the Party Leader renews the booking, with or without interruption, he should inform Rentals-France.

In case of contention:
The Party Leader should inform the owner or Rentals-France of any anomaly noted, within three days of entering the premises.
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The obligations of Rentals-France (rent-villas-france)

The owner is under the obligation to provide the Party Leader with the rented premises conforming to the conditions described and to respect any obligations resulting from the present terms and conditions.

Insurance :

The Party Leader may take out insurance with the company ADAR.
He should ask our reservations service for further details.

The guarantees of ADAR are :
1- The cancellation of the booking.
2- The interruption of the stay.
3- The costs incurred during a search or a rescue .
4- The civil liablility of the Party Leader for material damages.

Civil liability insurance
The Party Leader must have personal insurance with an insurance company against the risks of flood, fire or theft, covering the premises, the movable property on the rented premises, as well as any claims from the neighbours. Proof of insurance must be provided upon request by Rentals-France; as a result, the aforementioned decline all responsability for recourse that their insurance company may exercise against the Party Leader in the case of adversity.
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Failing prompt payment on the fixed due dates or the non-fulfilment of any particular clause of the present contract and eight days following an ineffective formal notice, Rentals-France can demand the immediate cancellation of the present contract and the Party leader and his party should leave the rented premises on the simple request of the Judge in Chambers.

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The Computer processing of information

Rentals-France is expressly authorised to :
Enter the information included in the present contract on computer file :
conforming to the law of 06 January 1978, the Party Leader disposes of the right of access to and rectification of this file, the request is to be made to Rentals-France, the means of implementation will be fixed by common agreement.
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