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ADAR - Insurance for holiday rental accommodation

A stay in a French holiday home, be it in Brittany, Provence, the Luberon, or the Riviera should be covered by some kind of insurance.

Unlike when renting unfurnished property, the holiday maker is not obliged to take out insurance for their holiday home.
However, you are responsible in case of damage or fire to your holiday home (article 1732 of the ‘code civil’).

Therefore, we do strongly advise you to take out holiday insurance for your holiday home.

In most cases, if you own your primary residence, a comprehensive home owners policy will cover what is sometimes called ‘buildings insurance’ for holiday properties, through your public liability.

Holiday insurance taken out through general insurance companies is often incomplete or inexistant.

The simplest solution is to insure against all personal risks during your holiday.

ADAR insurance is here to offer you several different types of protection for your holiday home. You will find the details below :

ADAR - Insurance for Rented Holiday Accomodation

Decisions on holiday destinations and accommodation are often taken a long time in advance. Between the time you book and the actual date, a lot of things may happen preventing you from taking your holidays : a stay in hospital, lay-off, professional relocation, serious illness, or a death in the family. Your down payment, or even the total cost of the rental will not be refunded.

The ADAR policy protects you against these events and allows you to book your holidays in advance in complete peace of mind.
- If you have to curtail your holidays, then you will be refunded for the unused portion of the cost.
- You are protected by a special personal liability policy that covers all materiel damage caused by fire, explosion, or floods.

Summary of cover

Guarantees Benefits
Cancellation due to :
Serious illness, accident, death, home damage, lay-off, relocation, roadblocks, strikes.
Down payment + contracted costs limited to 15 000 €
Curtailment due to :
Serious illness, accident, death, home damage, unavailability of accommodation.
Unused portion of cost limited to 15000 €
Personal Liability
• Material damage due to fire, explosion, floods.
• Damage to property belonging to the owner of the rented accomodation
• Limited to 1 525 000 €
• Limited to 8 000 €
with an excess of 45 €
Mountain or sea search and rescue By an authorised organisation.
Search and rescue costs
Limited to 3 050 €

Any tenant as an individual, whether a French national or foreigner, renting furnished accommodation on a short term let through various professional agencies such as: Estate agents, Travel agencies, Tour operators and website specialized in short term rental.
The insurance covers the tenant, their husband or wife (including a de facto spouse or someone who is connected by civil agreement), their immediate parents or children, or their son or daughter-in-law, their brother or sister or any other person specifically mentioned on the application form for this contract and who will be living in the aforementioned

SHORT TERM LET : A stay of less than 90 days in the accommodation, the insured not being the owner or a tenant with an annual rental agreement.

ACCOMMODATION : House, apartment or flat, hotel room, caravan, mobile home boat for inland waterway navigation.
INSURER : AGF IART - SA with capital of 894.416.336 € - A company regulated by the Insurance Code - 87, rue de Richelieu - 75002 Paris, RCS PARIS - B 542 110 291

BROKER : ALBINET Insurance Brokers, under the ADAR brand name, SA with capital of 200,000 euros – RCS Paris B 582 136 289.

Cover under an Adar insurance policy is obtained on the simultaneous signature of the short term rental contract and payment of the premium to ADAR indicated in this contract, or in a separate application form, the rent laid down in the contract serving as the basis for any indemnity. Additional services, such as transport may come under this insurance in as much as they are linked to the rental booking and the premium also reflects these services.
If the rental contract covers several families, each is covered for its share; the rental contract is not cancelled and in such a situation, insurance cover relates to the arithmetical share of the family concerned. It is the responsibility of the signatory to the rental contract to provide the intermediary with the names of the co-beneficiaries.
Cover ceases as of right on the arrival of the insured in the premises or on the date the stay is interrupted, except for cover relating to "Search and Rescue costs" and "the occupant's Civil Liability" for which cover ceases on handover of the keys to the intermediary's approved representative.


1 - Cancellation of the holiday.
The Insurer guarantees to reimburse the Insured sums paid as a deposit and the balance owing where cancellation of a holiday occurs for the following events, up to a limit of 15,000 euros per claim whatever the number of beneficiaries.
a) Serious illness, serious injury or the death of the Insured or any other person mentioned in the rental contract and who would be living in the aforementioned rented accommodation. By illness or serious injury, any unpredictable worsening of a pre-existing illness, any psychological or psychotherapeutic illness corresponding to at least 3 days of
hospitalisation, or any complication due to pregnancy until the 28th week. we mean any new impairment to health or bodily injury preventing the insured from leaving his/her home or the hospital where he/she is receiving treatment on the date the rental starts, indicated for persons in employment by hospitalisation or absence from work of at least eight
consecutive days, and a medical certificate to that effect, and for persons not in employment, by hospitalisation for at least eight days or by a medical certificate ordering them not to leave their room for at least eight days, and in addition, for persons taking the waters, proof that they are covered by their statutory sickness insurance scheme for non-means
tested reimbursable expenses.
b) Loss to property caused by theft, fire, explosion or similar events, water damage or an event of nature affecting his/her main and/or secondary residence and/or his/her business premises, the seriousness of which absolutely requires his/her presence on the day of departure, or during the course of the holiday, in order to complete the formalities required.
c) Prevention from occupation of the rented accommodation due to redundancy or transfer of the Insured or his spouse notified by an employer, provided that such notification occurs after cover comes into effect and on condition that one or other of the foregoing situations was not known to the insured when he took out this contract; obtaining a job or
paid training taking effect before or after the rental dates, while the person insured was registered as unemployed, provided that it is not a question of the extension or renewal of a contract, or temporary work provided through an employment agency.
d) Prevention of the insured from getting to the resort by road and rail on the day they are due to take possession of the rented accommodation and in the forty eight hours following, due to roadblocks or strikes directly affecting the traffic, confirmed by the Mayor of the commune where the holiday residence is situated.
e) If the Insured is forced to cancel or abandon his/her holiday in the 48 hours preceding or following the contracted date the rental starts as a result of the non-availability of the accommodation due to pollution, flooding, fire, event of nature or epidemic. These risks will be considered as having occurred under the terms of this contract when the site is
rendered completely inaccessible for a radius of five kilometres from the accommodation by decision of the communal or prefectoral authorities during the period of rental that has been insured.
f) Subsequent to non-deferrable administrative or judicial subpoena.
g) Non-availability of the rented accommodation, when its use is prevented by a chance event such as fire, storm, water damage or other event of nature occurring within 60 days before the date the rental starts.

2 - Interruption of the holiday
Reimbursement of rent not accrued due to the interruption of the holiday as a consequence of one of the events listed in the section on cover CANCELLATION OF THE HOLIDAY at paragraphs a), b) e) f) and g), up to a limit of 15,000 euros. Compensation owed by the Insurer for an injured party is determined by the number of occupants and the number of
days left to run.

3 - Search and rescue costs
For the length of the stay, the insurer will cover the costs of search and rescue, in the mountains or at sea, incurred by specialist teams who come to the aid of the insured up to a maximum of 3,050 € per event whatever the number of people included in the contract and who are staying in the rented accommodation.

4 - Occupant's civil liability for damage to the property. The Insurer covers:
a) In case of fire, explosion or water damage: damage to buildings and other property belonging to the owner of the rented accommodation (except hired boats); damage to property belonging to neighbours and third parties; loss of rent or consecutive use: this is complementary to any pre-existing holiday insurance. Cover is up to 1,525,000 Euros.
Damage caused to other vessels is excluded.
b) Other accidental losses caused: to personal property included in the inventory and located inside the rented accommodation (except fittings) and to property belonging to the owner of the rented accommodation (except hired boats). Cover is up to 2,500 Euros subject to a fixed sum excess of 75 Euros.

The following are excluded from the cover described above:

1 - General exclusions
· Losses directly or indirectly linked to:
- intentional or fraudulent loss on the part of the Insured.
- a state of war (foreign or civil war).
- events of a catastrophic nature (losses due to volcanic eruption, earthquake, the sea, tidal wave, earth slip and other events of a catastrophic nature unless these events are declared a "Natural Disaster").
- nuclear hazard (losses that are nuclear in origin or caused by any source of nuclear radiation).

2 - Exclusions that apply to "Cancellation" and "Interruption of holiday" cover
· The consequences of:
- Of a pregnancy beyond the 28 th week, or of childbirth.
- voluntary suicide and while sound in mind.
- a course of treatment, of any psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment not involving at least 3 days of hospitalisation or of beauty treatment.
- Of accidents and illness known about before the contract of insurance was taken out, except.
- the foreseeable worsening of a condition existing at the time of taking out the policy.
- any dispute or disagreement over the description or inventory.
- redundancy or transfer, procedures for which were in process at the time of taking out the policy.
- a change in holiday dates.
- an accident for which the insured has been the subject of a positive test for the use of alcohol or drugs in relation to the legal limit in force, constituting an offence.
- an accident as the driver of a moving vehicle while participating in a motorised sporting event and prior testing.
- lack or impossibility of vaccination.
· Cancellations due to the approved intermediate.
· Repayment of the insurance premium.

3 - Exclusions applying to cover for "Search and rescue costs"
· Costs occasioned by recourse to intervention by the public emergency services as a result of negligence on the part of the insured.
· Costs occasioned by towing of a sailing or motor boat.
· Costs occasioned by the practice of pot-holing.

4 - Exclusions applying to cover for the Occupant's Civil Liability
· Any losses not involving the tenant's civil liability.
· Any losses to the Tenants property.
· Intentional damage or damage resulting from cigarette burns or from any other type of smoking.
· Damage caused by domestic animals that are the responsibility of the insured.
· All damage due to damp, condensation, mud or smoke.
· Breakdown of equipment available for use by the insured.
· Damage caused to lamps, fuses, lighting tubes, cathode tubes, semiconductors, heating elements and electric blankets.
· The cost of repair, unblocking or replacement of pipe work, taps and fittings attached to water and heating installations.
· Theft of articles left in the courtyards, terraces or gardens.
· Theft of articles left in common areas available for use by several tenants or occupants, except where breaking and entering has occurred.
· Theft or loss of keys to the accommodation.
· Losses occurring while the premises containing the insured articles are wholly occupied by third parties other than the tenant, his employees or people there with his permission.
· Losses as a result of use not in compliance with the rental contract.
· The consequences of contractual undertakings to the extent that they exceed those required of the beneficiary by law.
· Damage incurred by fixtures considered as fittings.

Any claims arising from this agreement are subject to a limitation period of two years to be counted from the event giving rise to the claim. The Insurer is subrogated in the rights of the Insured with regard to any person liable for the loss which has become the subject of compensation.

Data protection: The Insured may request communication and correction of information held concerning him/her in any file used by the Insurer, his representatives and any professional body.
Customer relations: Albinet Insurance Brokers are able to give in-depth consideration to any demands and claims made by the Insured. If following this process, the Insured does not feel that the answers given are satisfactory, he/she may make a complaint to the AGF Customer Relations Department. If disagreement continues after a reply, he/she has the right to appeal to a Mediator whose details will be provided by AGF on request, without prejudice to other avenues of legal action.
Insurance Company supervisory authority: the body responsible for monitoring compliance with the legislative and regulatory provisions governing insurance is the Insurance Supervisory Commission ('Commission de Contrôle des Assurances'), 54 rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris.


You should first advise your letting agency by registered letter of the cancellation of your holiday within 5 days of being aware of it. You should (after confirmation by your letting agency) send ADAR the required documentation: medical certificate, certificate of hospitalisation, certificate of absence from work, redundancy notice, to the following address:
Address: ADAR – C/O Cab. ALBINET– S.A.V. 5, cité de Trévise – 75 009 PARIS - Fax: 01 48 01 84 83 -mail :
When sending us these details, don't forget to give us: your full address, your telephone number, the name of your letting agency, your letting reference number, the start and ending dates of your stay.
If necessary, in the event of a claim relating to cover for the cancellation or interruption of a holiday, you undertake to allow the Insurer's doctor access to your medical file, without which no cover can be granted.
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